Mortgage Renewal Services in Alberta

Mortgage Specialist in Alberta

Picture this: you have been in your house for a while. In this case almost 5 years. You pick up the mail on the way home and notice a letter from your mortgage company. A renewal offer! You open the letter with anticipation, after all, you are a model mortgagor – having made all your payments on time for the last 5 years and paying off some of the loan in the meantime you are expecting the top rate! Your face falls as you look over the renewal options... this can’t be right you think... well maybe those are the rates these days? You reach for a pen to sign off on one of the few poor options...


Here is the truth: Banks and Mortgage companies do not give you the best mortgage rates in renewal offers. Why would they? They ‘have you’ as a customer. They figure it’s too much effort for you to research new rates, maybe get a new appraisal, consult experts, shop around. Does it take effort? Some. Is it worth it?


Here is another truth: you can save thousands of dollars by getting a better deal at mortgage renewal. And we can help you with the heavy lifting so it doesn’t even take much effort on your part. Call us as soon as you get the mortgage renewal offer and we will start looking for alternatives for you.

Our mortgage services include: Home Purchase Mortgage | First Time Home Buyer Mortgage | Mortgage Refinance | Mortgage Refinance - Debt Consolidation | Mortgage Refinance - Home Improvements | Investment Properties / Vacation Properties