Mortgage Refinance in Alberta

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There are many reasons to refinance mortgages

  • Lower interest rates
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Take out cash (equity) for investing
  • Take out cash (equity) for large purchases or renovations
  • Consolidate high interest credit cards

Home values tend to increase over time. And most mortgage balances decrease over time. After being in a home for some time, the increase in value, and decrease in mortgage balances increases the amount of value in the home that belongs to it’s owner – the equity. Refinancing is a way to access that value.

Another reason to refinance mortgage is the current interest rate situation. Over time rates will increase and decrease. If your mortgage was funded during a high interest rate period and rates have dropped, it may make sense to refinance even before your mortgage term is up. This is especially relevant if rates are expected to go back up before your mortgage is up for renewal.

Life is full of change: maybe you started with a short amortization period and high payments, and now want to lower your payments. Mortgage Refinance can also help start a business, or pay for home renovations (which increase home value!), kids education, and more.

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