What Makes David Paruk at Mortgage Momentum Stand Out

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What Makes David Paruk at Mortgage Momentum Stand Out

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About David Paruk at Mortgage Momentum

Mortgage Momentum is a mortgage brokerage firm that specializes in providing lenders the greatest access to mortgages possible. At Mortgage Momentum, unlike banks or traditional lenders, I am accessible seven days a week, and can often be reached morning, afternoon, or evening. Although I prefer to complete the majority of my business during regular business hours, I find this access to be very helpful to clients navigating the stresses of obtaining mortgage financing, and I always make myself available whenever possible.

I have been licensed to deal in mortgages since 2010. I usually work in the greater Edmonton Area, even though I am licensed all over Alberta.

We are constantly adjusting to new technologies and trends. Technology has changed the way our clients gain access to mortgage information. People are now better informed and expect a higher level of service. Through Dominion Lending, we gain access to a large number of innovations allowing us to better connect with mortgage lenders and the services they offer our clients.

The David Paruk at Mortgage Momentum Difference

To us, there is no such thing as an average client. Every client is special to us. We are honored to help any client irrespective of their needs.

One aspect that makes us second to none is our access to lenders, in addition to the customer communication and service we provide. We are focused on getting the best terms and prices for our clients and keeping them in the loop all the way through. This is also the main reasons why a customer prefers working with us over our competitors.

What sets us apart is the number of ways we save our clients money. We always seek the best terms and rates for our clients. We often have incentives to assist with legal fees, or we add items like home insurance and moving costs as well.

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